Laura Ingraham Tells Audience that Immigrants are Bringing Disease to the U.S.

One of the most racist arguments anyone could make, is that certain groups are associated with disease. Ian Haney Lopez, among others, categorize this as a cultural assumption of inferiority- immigrants breed crime and disease, blacks are lazy, etc. We would expect to hear such arguments from the klan, or perhaps another nativist white supremacy group, but a paid ABC News Contributor? This is insane. Here is what Laura Ingraham said on her show, as captured by Media Matters:

INGRAHAM: And now the reports over the weekend about the spread of TB and other illnesses in this country and diseases that we thought we had vanquished that were basically eradicated from American society, including one resistant strain of TB that I believe, in 60 percent of the cases, can be fatal. So this is serious. And who’s to blame if, heaven forbid, an American citizen dies of a communicable disease spread by the these folks spreading all over the country. The government spreads the illegal immigrants across the country, and the disease is spread across the country. Who gets the blame here?

To respond to this argument is almost justifying its merit, so I will not do so; however, I will make some additional points.

Even though ABC News essentially endorses this racist rhetoric, the good news is Laura Ingraham’s audience has dwindled down. According to Talkers Magazine, Ingraham’s listening audience has plummeted to just over 2 million listeners. At one point, Ingraham was over 7 million.

Maybe the day is coming where someone the likes of Laura Ingraham will be relegated to the militia crowd.

Laura Ingraham, Media Activist, Helps Get Anti-Immigrant Candidate Elected.

It has been well documented that anti-immigrant, Laura Ingraham, was “instrumental” in getting Dave Brat passed Representative Eric Cantor, the number 2 Republican in the house, last night. Ingraham appeared numerous times on Brat’s behalf. What is remarkable about this is the fact that all of this is coming from an ABC News contributor. We would expect such activity from a Fox News contributor, but ABC?

Ingraham Condemns Everyone Else But…

We all know how eager individuals like Laura Ingraham are to criticize individuals for their behavior. Laura has a history of name calling people for how they speak, look, dress, or whether or not they smoke pot. Well, it turns out that one of Ingraham’s relatives is very proud of their marijuana use- they even display it publicly. So, my question is, do you think Ingraham would condemn such a relative for their behavior? Would she apply the same standards to her relatives as she does to members of the general public? If I had to guess, I would say no. Laura routinely criticizes the gay community, but has not criticized her brother publicly. Like a typical right-wing, Ingraham’s criticism is mainly reserved for the people she doesn’t know.