Laura Ingraham Attends Another Hollywood Premier.

For someone who supposedly hates the Hollywood Elites, Laura Ingraham spends a lot of time rubbing elbows with them during movie premiers. Prior to her attending the latest Hollywood ball for the movie “Fury”, starring Brad Pitt, among others, Ingraham attended the premier of “The Giver.” Ingraham even managed to get a picture with the film’s co-star, Meryl Streep. Ingraham has a long history attending similar events, including the Grammys. One has to ask how committed is she to her rhetoric.

I know I would be repulsed by the site of pretty much any 1 percenter. As Malcom X said, “Don’t march with your oppressors.”

Ingraham’s Much Different Reaction to the Ferguson Protestors than the Bundy Protestor.

It can not be said enough, Laura Ingraham is an established racist. Ingraham has demonized minorities on radio and television for years, so it is no surprise on her reaction to the Ferguson protestors, who are protesting the killing of Michael Brown, an 18-year old African American man. In Ferguson, a number of protestors are African American, as the percentage of African Americans has soared to almost 70% in Ferguson. Ingraham, in her racist fit of anger, has depicted the Ferguson protestors as “thugs” or a “lynch mob.” However, as Media Matters have noted, Ingraham had a much different tune when it came to the Cliven Bundy protestors.

Even despite the fact that some protestors had sniper riffles pointed at federal officials, and repeatedly made threats against government officials, Ingraham referred to the protestors as the new “Freedom Riders.”

Ingraham’s reaction to the two situations illustrates a few things: Ingraham is a complete racist, in my opinion. By referring to the Ferguson protestors as thugs, Ingraham is degrading minorities, using dog whistle politics to reach the all white audience at Fox News. Second, it shows you just how partisan she really is. Only if she agrees with the cause of the protest, will she speak favorably about the protestors.

Laura Ingraham Basically Calls Michelle Obama Fat.

Of course, this is conduct we’d expect from an ABC News contributor, right? Ingraham has a history of calling people fat and playing incendiary sound clips on her show. Last year, I believe, Ingraham played a shotgun blast to mark the end of a speech given by Representative John Lewis commemorating Dr. King and the Civil Right Movement. A few years before that, she called Megan McCain fat. When confronted, she hides behind the notion of humor and being in good faith. But really she is an immature person steeped in hatred.

Most recently on her declining radio show, Ingraham indirectly called Michelle Obama fat by playing the Queen song “Fat Bottomed Girl” while discussing her. Not to brag, but, this was so predicable that I predicted this to myself last week.

As Ralph Nader asks, at what point do these people lose credibility?