Alternet Has A Good Article on Racist Laura Ingraham and ABC.

The article by Heather “Digby” Parton of AlterNet, “Why Is ABC Paying Laura Ingraham Lots of Money to Be a Racist?”, makes the argument that part of Abc’s decision to hire Laura Ingraham as a contributor was based on the perception-only of right-wingers- that the media is somehow liberal. As Noam Chomsky says, power is asserting the opposite, so if the establishment tells us that the media are liberal, then the only allowable question is, how liberal. Of course, we educated people know that the media is only as liberal as the corporations that own it.

There is no question, however, that ABC decided to hire Ingraham on the basis of attracting older white leftovers from Fox News. What Parton omitted from the article is that Laura Ingraham is not just a racist towards undocumented workers, she is a racist to all minorities, as her actions and words for the last 30 years prove such; and hiring this type of person shows you how dysfunctional our discourse has become. It shows you that at the end of the day, ABC would rather attract the tea party crowd rather than a growing demographic in the Hispanic community. Too often in America, corporations are making the calculation that it is better to have racist views associated with their brand, than it is to do the responsible thing, and condemn such hatred. This just illustrates what a sorry state of affairs we are in. Corporations are not associating themselves with racists to defeat the liberal media myth, they are doing so because a financial calculation has been made.

Laura Ingraham Becomes ABC News Contributor.

I haven’t seen this confirmed anywhere, but it is being reported that Laura Ingraham has become a ABC news contributor while still working for Fox and having her hate-filled radio show. If this is not a sign of how backwards ABC is and our news media in general, I don’t know what is. Media Matters and civil rights groups should protest this decision, as ABC has just validated Laura Ingraham’s racist, homophobic, and anti-worker views. Laura Ingraham, as I have said before, belongs in the world of white supremacy media, let alone a major news network. In the recent past, Ingraham has recorded promos for registered hate groups, interrupted a John Lewis speech with a gunshot, and compared Michelle Obama to an alien. And then there is Ingraham’s distant past, which in my opinion, rivals anyone for the most racist in all of television and talk radio. I will be talking to some people I know in the industry to try to raise some collective outrage.