Laura Ingraham’s friends with benefits.

One of the Laura Ingraham Sucks contributors sent me this pic! This may be the best look at Laura yet!

One of the Laura Ingraham Sucks contributors sent me this pic! This may be the best look at Laura yet!

I would say about one third of the searches that lead to this site are sexually related searches.
It seems as though Laura Ingraham’s sex-it-up mentality is drumming up google searches. For example, many people type in google, Laura Ingraham “legs”, or Laura Ingraham “fellatio,” among other raunchy things.

Someone posted this comment on the “Daddy Issues” post:”10 years? she was engaged a couple years ago. pretty sure they probably fucked.”

There is no question, at least in my opinion, that Laura Ingraham is a highly sexual person. If you listen to her, she is always talking about how she was with a male friend. She even refers to some of the men she has dated as ‘friends.” Laura Ingraham has had alot of “friends” over the years. In fact, she has probably had more “friends” than Paris Hilton or Britany Spears, while all the while claiming to be a social conservative.

4 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham’s friends with benefits.

  1. Regarding the post by ‘Tradeback’…males, notice I did not say ‘men’, like you make me puke. Your filthy minds are always in your underwear, if indeed you own any, having displaced your brains long ago. Do you pigs have mothers…sisters…other female family members? Can you not appreciate an intelligent good looking woman…No I guess not: low life, brains-in-the-pants idiots must surely be intimidated and thus the need to reduce them to sex objects….especially if the woman happens to be ‘CONSERVATIVE’. You [no doubt ugly people] imight have better luck lusting after some of the hags on your side. Grandmother in the REAL AMERICA.

  2. Dear Amelia, I have never said that Ingraham is stupid,ugly,a sex object or objectified her in any way, all I have ever said is that she is a liar and I stand by that. As I have a mother, a sister a daughter and a wife of 29 years ( not to mention three sons) I can appreciate a beautiful, intelligent and articulate woman as I say I have been married to one for 29 years. I am offended that you lump us all together, now I didn’t read what Tradeback said but I have never resorted to sexual name calling, but you have.

  3. On her radio program after the DC earthquake, she was heard saying she “felt the Earth move at 1 in the morning.”

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